Collins Radio Accessories

Power Cord 16/3

Power Cord 3 conductor #16awg , SJT-8FT W/NEMA 5-15P Collins Medium Grey



RCAM Right Angle/RG58C/U Collins Gray -20.5FT/RCA Male


KWM-2A Special

Collins special cable set KWM-2A W/PS-2

RCA Male/RG58C/U Collins Gray-4FT/RCA M ale Right Angle.


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KWM2A W/PM2-312B4

1-RCA Male Right Angle/RG-58C/U Collins Gray-4FT/N Male:

Trans out to Wattmeter, 5-RCA Male Right Angle/RG-58C/U-Collins Gray-4FT/RCA Male: TX-312B4, TX-6. 3VAC, RX-312B-4



RCA Male/RG-58C/U Collins Gray - 20.5 FT/RCA Male  cable.


S-Line Original

6-RCA Male/RG-58C /U-Collins Gray-4FT/RCA Male:

 PTO, HETERODYNE Oscillator, Rec. Antenna,  Audio mute, Sidetone, Anti-Vox .


S-Line Origin Plus

4-RCA Male/RG-58C/U Collins Gray-4FT/RCA Male:

Rec. Antenna, audio mute, sidetone, anti-vox .

2-RCA Male/RG-62A-4FT/RCA Male :

PTO , Heterodyne Oscillator


S-Line PTO

RCA Male/RG-62A/U-4FT/RCA Male w/ Heat Shrink



RCA Male /RG-62A/U-4FT/RCA Male w/ Heat Shrink


S-Line Cable

RCA Male/RG58C/U-Collins GRAY-4FT/RCA Male  w/ Heat Shrink.

 Basic RF or audio cable.


CR Rubber Feet

Standard  Collins Black Rubber Feet:  H .437 W .750 #6th


CR Black Feet 30-L1

30-L1 Collins Black Rubber Feet: H-.437 W-.875


CR Extension Leg

Black Extension Leg Polyprop, Fits CR Rubber Feet.  H.703 W1.01 #6RH



N male / SO-239 Mil-Spec, Teflon



N Male Right Angle/SO-239 Adapter



Twin to SO-239  for R390



Twin to C Female for R390



RCA MALE METAL, fits up to .240 cable , SOLDER Style


3/16 PJ

Drake / Collins mike jack , Silver Plated contacts . New Surplus made by Mallory in the 1950-60’s


3/16 PP*

Collins / Drake phone plug commercial version of PJ-068 with solder tabs.


3/16 PJIL

Drake / Collins mike inline jack



80-MC2M 2 pin (m) plug (Heath-kit) New in bag



Collins 516F-2 AC Power Supply Cable Collins Gray Jacket, 90% Tinned CU Braided Shield, 9 Conductor#18 STR TN CU, 1000V Rating, Color Code same as 516F-2 Schematic


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