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https://www.rfconnection.com/images/paypal_logo.gifNote: If you select this option, we will send you an email back as a Quote first, which will include the total of the amount of merchandise you are buying. Also included in the Quote will be the cost of shipping and handling fees. Once you approve the quote, please reference the quote number for speedy processing. Please note that there will be an additional delay due to ensuring that the payment reaches our account (rfc@therfc.com)  before we ship. After you send the payment to PayPal, we will confirm your order.



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FedEx  Account # …see below for more info  FedEx Ground FedEx First Overnight FedEx Priority Overnight FedEx Standard Overnight FedEx 2Day FedEx Express Saver FedEx International Priority FedEx International Economy FedEx International First.


Priority Mail or Express Mail International:  Email for price



         In U.S.A. PRIORITY MAIL:

Priority Mail Large Flat Rate ($20.35)
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate ($15.10)
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate ($8.65)
Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope ($8.65)



Priority Mail, Padded Envelope ($8.30)

Snail Mail (note that the size of connectors will determine if it can be sent this way. Only 1-4 small size connectors can be sent this way. Cost is $5.00).

Bill to My FedEx Account Number or My UPS Account Number:   ( $1.50 Handling charge will be charged to this service.)

Note: FedEx Air shipments require a fax copy of your order sent. This ensures that we process your order in a timely manner.

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We will confirm online orders next day. If we recieve your order during the weekend we will confirm on Monday. In the case of a holiday however, we will confirm on the next business day.

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